Tips for Making Moving Easier with Kids

Moving home is highly personal. It’s stressful and it can be overwhelming physically, mentally and emotionally.

Prepare Your Kids About the Move

Here are some ways to make the move for young children easier:

  • Discuss the move as far in advance with your children and as a family together.
  • Explain to them in simple terms what moving means.
  • Kids ask plenty of questions. Answer them as best as you can in terms they will understand. You don’t have to explain every detail but do let them know you’re attentive to their feelings and answer them instead of ignoring them or discouraging them from asking questions.
  • Prepare them mentally and physically. The more they realise this is real, the better it will be for everyone when it comes down to moving day. Your kids may still be a little upset about moving when the big day came but at least they won’t be confused about what was happening.
  • Look for children’s books that talk about moving or movies with happy endings about moving into a new home.
  • Discuss the process of moving with the kids. Let them know that the house will have to be packed up and cleaned. They can help to pack up and help clean out their personal items, toys, clothes in their room or elsewhere.
  • Designate bins or boxes for things they will be keeping and for those they no longer need. If you plan ahead in enough time, consider taking your kids with you to donate items at a local charity¬†store. You can also let go of items on freegle or eBay or go to a car boot sale. Let the kids keep the money they make off of their belongings. This can be used as motivation to move – they can go for a treat somewhere near the new house with their money.