How to Choose the right Removals Company

Last year, 913,843 homes were sold in England & Wales, and the majority of these sales are likely to have involved conveyancing firms and removal companies across the country, helping people move.

Requesting the services of a qualified solicitor experienced in house sales and purchases is one of the best ways of making the process of moving home less stressful. Another way to help the transition from one home to another go as smoothly as possible, is by choosing a good removals firm.

Do I really need a removals firm?

Unless a member of your family or a friend owns a lorry or two, the answer to this question is ‘yes’. It’s easy to underestimate the number of belongings you have, and how much space they will take up in a vehicle.

Even if you’re moving the contents of your bedroom from your parents’ house to your first home, you’re likely to need at least a medium-size van to help you out.

As well as being able to transport a lot of items from one place to another easily, hiring a removals firm will also save you from needing to undertake many exhausting trips up and down the stairs with heavy furniture.

How many quotes should I get?

It’s always a good idea to get quotes from as many qualified and trusted companies as possible – this will give you a varied choice of firms as well as services to pick from. Some companies, for example, offer a packing service.

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While investigating the services available to you, you should also check that the company is insured against the loss or breakage of any of your possessions. You may also want to contact your home insurer to ask whether your policy covers items while they are being transported.

How much time do I need?

Many firms will send out a sales estimator to see how many items they will need to move, on top of this the quotes process can take a few weeks and finding an available date can take a few more. So that you’re not rushed before you’re required to complete the move, you should give yourself a few months to pick a company, wait for a final quote, and organise the pick-up date.

How can I get the price down?

You might be able to reduce the price the removal firm quotes you by hiring them during a normal weekday. Booking a weekend or school holiday, when these firms are in higher demand, is likely to cost more.

Where can I find a reputable firm?

Getting a recommendation from a friend or family member is often a good way of finding a firm which provides a good service. However, you should check that they are members of either The British Association of Removers or The National Guild of Removers and Storers to be assured that they work to set standards and codes of conduct.

Contacting a Removal Firm

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