Silica Gel Sachet 50g


Protect your products from damage caused by moisture by adding a silica gel sachet. Ideal for the protection of optical equipment, electrical goods and many other items. Silica Gel can be used to protect items from moisture whilst in store or transit.

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Atmospheric moisture is absorbed into the sachet preventing rust or corrosion damage. Sachets remain dry and free flowing even when saturated. Silica gel absorbs water and gases into its pores, preventing moisture damage/rusting in many products whilst in storage or transit.

The sachet size you use will depend on the application. For a well sealed item we recommend that you use 5 grams for every cubic foot of volume or 170 grams per cubic metre of volume.

Weight: 50g / Size: 90 x 125 mm
Available in 25 grams, 50 grams and 100 gram bags.


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